Vision of project based learning methodology

i. Project based learning will be employed to upgrade the technical skills of the students. The activity plans (separately attached) will be fully implemented. The activities like Business club, Presentation, Group discussion and value addition programmes have been already started. Students have responded big way to these programmes.

ii. Every semester, technical skills development and life skills development will be inculcated by value addition programmes followed by a good project. This will create designing and project developing skills in students through hands on learning.

iii. All students who will successfully complete the PBL cycle will be offered fellowship for 45 days during their vacation in few European Universities. 85% scholarships have already been offered to these students for the fellowships under arrangement of CTIF network. This will give an opportunity to students to work with professor of Eminience on latest technologies.

iv. Five teachers will be partially sponsored for Ph.D programme in European Universities. They will be trained on Project Based Learning also. These teachers will continue to create the path way towards academic excellence in HMR after completion of Ph.D programme.

The Activity plan will be at the core center of this initiative .Students and teachers will receive an opportunity to excel in performing their duties. Research for IPRs, product development will be taken up once the under graduate courses are strong and finally HMR will encourage the students and faculty to establish start-ups.


The vision chart for VAP has been made available separately. This is a typical flow of VAPS but the students / faculty in departments can derive their VAPS based on their expertise, experience, wisdom, outcome expected, inspirations of students, further market need etc.

The different training agencies/ Industry Expert will demonstrate the content and Project List that can be developed after completion of VAP. Student will select which Technology he wants to join.

VAP should be generally for 55/65 hrs of training in the labs only. VAP will start in the first week of semester.

Every VAP shall follow a good extensive project, which students will complete in groups of 3 or 4. The continuous monitoring of Project Progress will be done by Faculty Members and Training agencies. Evaluation of the projects will be done by industry experts , research fellow at the time of Project Exhibition which is scheduled at the end of each semester

The quality of projects chosen and done will prepare the students for industry project / fellowships abroad and finally, for placements.