Integration of Renewable Energy into Smart Grids (SS8)

Session Chairs

Arif Iqbal1, Shafqat Nabi Mughal2

1Rajkiya Engineering College Ambedkar Nagar, UP, 2BGSB University, Rajouri, J & K

Area of Content:
A smart grid is the upcoming electric grid that provides cost-effective, efficient and intelligent power generation along with robust, reliable and safe transmission and distribution. It employs advanced technologies such as innovative sensing, monitoring and processing technologies. Further, it uses high speed bidirectional communications and networking. Nowadays, smart grid has achieved substantial attentions from academicians, industrial persons and service benefactors. Hence, moving towards the smart grid has become a world-wide trend due to its huge advantages as mentioned above including better power quality and more efficient energy consumption. This Special Session is launched with the aim to joint researchers to discuss subjects related with how to integrate Renewable Energy Sources (RESs) into smart grids.

  • Integration of Solar Photo-voltaic (SPV) System
  • Integration of Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS)
  • Integration of Alternate Hydro Energy System
  • Active and reactive power flow control
  • Novel Integration topologies
  • Power quality analysis
  • Smart grids and integration of DG
  • Intelligent control of smart grid-connected converters and inverters
  • Smart Grid power control methods and algorithms

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