Training Fellowship for Undergraduate students

CTIF-GISFINetwork, under its academic initiative on Project based learning (PBL), has been offering 45 days training programme at its nodal centresworldwide for Indians students pursuing their engineering curriculum in various universities for the last three years. The objective is to provide an opportunity to a student to work on projects in future technology under supervision of a university, abroad. Students are expected to complete one/two projects in the technology area of his/her interest in the environment of ‘product development’cycle. Global exposure for life skill development, focus building, long term carrier planning are other benefits. These training programmes are offered with excellent scholarships under CTIF-Network vision.

The training was arranged during June 15, 2015 to July 30, 2015 for 45 days. Technical university of SofiaBulgaria, Torvergatte Italy, AIT Greece, Ural Fedral University Russia are the universities where students did their projects this year. Total no of students from HMRITM was 38 out of which 5 students went to Italy,3 to Ural Fedral university,Russia,8 to AIT Greece and 22 to TUS Bulgaria. Students from different semester took part in this program and did excellent project work during the training program. Most of them did project on AUGMENTED REALITY in TUS, BULGARIA as this was the new emerging technology and had wide variety of application in every sector. On the basis of this technology students developed various application for android phones and also going to file patent soon and published their work in good journals and conferences. In other universities also students completed their projects successfully.